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Presented by Lara Gieseke (Lazz),
Host & Creator of Walnut Wednesday

On a Wednesday, Lazz and her guests share how they use courage to 'walnut' and empower you to move, decide to be brave and be a part of The Walnut Tree.

Lazz beleives it comes down to us, incredible, real-life humans, changing the world with one courageous baby step at a time. She's been bravely walnutting and leading other women to grow their own confidence ever since.

"I am so many things, but if I had to narrow it down to a few I'd suggest, I'm a healer, self-leader, author, podcast host and more importantly, a Walnut".


Join Lazz, as she shares her weekly Walnuttings with you
- on a Wednesday!

If you want to share your walnut journey and be a guest on Walnut Wednesday the podcast, let's chat!

Be brave - and tell me why you want to visit Walnut Wednesday the podcast, by sending me a message, below

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Featuring Me!

Successful Witches Podcast

May 2023
The Queen's Temptation by Elliott Rose


Depths of Creation

March 2022
5.10 author spotlight:
Lara Gieseke - making your own rules
for your book


The Goal Digger Guide

March 2023
Epsiode 64: The Goal Digger Guide Podcast

goal digger guide march 2023.jpg

Women! Tell your stories.

March 2023
49 - Lara's Journey to Walnut Wednesday:
The Book on The Birthing Your Book podcast

Screenshot 2023-06-17 130242.jpg

Third Eye Awakening

July 2020
Spiritual quilts, leaving the cozy nest, & leaning into Self-love: Lara’s Spiritual Awakening Story



January 2021
EmpowHER Online Retreat - Being A Walnut

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