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Walnut Healings

Energy Healing

I am trained and certified in the Usui Reiki System up to Level 3 as a Reiki Master, though I have developed my own way of energy healing using a combination of many modalities and divination tools such as the Akashic Records, Oracle Cards and Tarot.

Your energy healing will take place while you relax in your place of choice and give yourself the permission to receive while I use my "melting pot" of modalities. It is a beautiful self-care, not only for you, but for myself, to be in service and in full trust with my intuition.

Through Reiki, I have been attuned with the ability to perform healings by distance and I am able to treat you while in your own home, all the way from mine. Distance Healings are best experienced in a peaceful setting where it is recommended for you to create a quiet relaxing space and make yourself comfortable. (that said I have given a healing to someone who was in the car on a road trip - and they loved it! so, whatever works best for you, works for me too).

Afterwards, I will discus anything that has come up via email or, if you are an existing client, we can talk via Zoom. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions or offer any feelings that have come up for you.


  • 30 min

    22 New Zealand dollars

  • 1 hr 30 min

    222 New Zealand dollars
  • (by enquiry only)

    45 min

    125 New Zealand dollars
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