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SNACK HACKS - the workshop

You know when you go away on holiday and you get a confidence about you?

You carry yourself differently.

In my experience, particularly when I go somewhere nice, warm and delicious, I wear my clothes differently.

I do this every time I go away!

You wont catch me walking around in the town where I live wearing a singlet as a dress, but when I was in Rarotonga I didn’t give it a second thought.

Is it because of holiday mode?
Is it because no one knows us?
Is it because we are relaxed, and aren’t second guessing how we look in our clothes?
Is it because we secretly realise we are the tasty snack that we are?

I've wondered about this and throughout my Walnut journey, have been putting my Snack Hacks into practice and now, Walnut, I want to share them with you!


  • Self led workshop

  • Three modules

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In this workshop we will cover


get ready to walnut your way
to feeling "tasty"

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